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Calling All Sumner High School Students


Do you wonder what kind of students come to STC.? Let's see.. there are musicians, athletes, artists, theater geeks, and gaming freeks... there are guys and there are girls.. there are some from Gallatin, Hendersonville, White House, Greenbrier, Nashville, Madison .. oh and visitors from Las Vegas, Indiana and Jamaica.. some are tall, some are short, rich or poor, loud or quiet, heavy or light, black or white. Basically, if you are going to become and adult and will have the ability to get a job and live on your own, we are the place for you. Sumner Teen Center is open to ALL TEENS. So if you are between the ages of 14-18, you are always welcome. 


Are you curious about what we do or what's it all about? We are a teen center, so we are all about TEENS! If you just need a place to hang out with your friends, we have a pool table, foosball table, air hockey, pong and basketball. We help with service hours and scouting and senior projects. Sometimes we have classes, but our classes aren't like school! We have classes on things that are important for you when you get out on your own, like finding a job, starting a business, managing your bills and more. However, our favorite classes are about things that you enjoy, like art, writing, music, sports, or cooking. We can sometimes help with math or science too, but we really love to play. We love music and games. Parties are the best..because they include both of those things! Best of all, everything we do for members is FREE*. Once you become a member, you can even hold your victory or birthday party with us (with adult supervision).  


Are you ready to become a member? It's FREE! 

Find and click the FREE MEMBERSHIP button on the page.

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