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Operation Hours

  • Tu-Thu 2p-6p*

  • Friday 5-10p*

  • Saturdays by event/program only

    • There is a late charge of $1/minute after 6:00 closing, $2/minute after 10:00 closing up to $50, then student will be suspended from events and activity till balance is paid. ​


With enough volunteer leadership, camps are held the weeks of Spring and Fall break as well as up to two weeks out of Summer break. Workshops and events will be added to the Sumner Teen Center calendar as they are scheduled.


  • Week of New Year’s

  • Good Friday

  • Week of 4th of July

  • Week prior to Sumner Co school opening

  • Week of Thanksgiving

  • Week of Christmas

Weather Policy

We have revised our closing policy to align with Sumner County Schools. When Sumner County closes for ANY weather, we will also be closed. This policy has been adapted to make it easier on parents and students. 

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